At InGROUP, we believe that the traditional consulting model needs an overhaul and to recognize the fact that disruption is inevitable. We happen to be at the cusp of this change, therefore we see ourselves as “inSurgents” in the consulting world. This essentially means our ability to bring hands on industry experts, collaborate with partners and the ability to crowdsource talent pool for our client engagements. In our open approach, we add the right elements of agility, flexibility and frugality.

Our consulting practice spans on-site workshops, assessments, diligence and solution blue printing, transition, change management, PMO across multiple industries. We offer Consulting As A Service (CaaS) for any sized organization that is looking for access to consultancy capability without dealing with the risk of building an expensive bench and have the flexibility to opt for modular consulting engagements.



InGROUP is fueled to help organizations on their digital journeys. Digital technologies have changed the way businesses operate. Every business is striving hard to provide a superior and seamless experience to their customers and thereby improving their bottom line. The reality is rife with challenges and organizations find it difficult to navigate in a fragmented technology landscape, ability to innovate, manage constant product and services evolution in an ever changing consumer preferences scenario.

InGROUP’s digital and technology experts engage in your digital strategy to improve products and services, enhance customer experience, data compliance, business model reinvention to enter new markets and increase revenues.



Business transformation is much more than chasing incremental change. It calls for a game plan to thrive in a world of disruption and turbulence. Companies that truly care about employee and customer experiences invest in innovation, adapt to emerging market demands and fearlessly reinvent. And that defines the core of business transformation.

At InGROUP, we bring the expertise in building transformation strategy that involves applying new technologies, focusing on user experience solutions and leveraging data. We work with our clients to assess, blue print and provide implementation guidance on business transformation.



At the core of any business lies the day to day operations. This engine needs constant vigilance on productivity, efficiency and effectiveness. InGroup comes with outstanding operational expertise having done this for over 2 decades across major industries. Our operations solutions are around Service Delivery, Target Operating Model, Process Excellence, Cost Reduction programs which help standardize, optimize and reap the incremental benefits of a step change approach.

Our operations consulting offers both advisory and implementation services that bring laser sharp focus to your desired areas of opportunity which in turn improves your organization’s value chain. We strengthen your internal processes and practices and help you unlock business value.


Transitions are those definable, flexible moments often between changes and those which have clear endings and expected objectives for new beginnings.

There isn’t a one-size-fits all approach but one can reflexively rely on previous experiences and learnings to help build a clear, concise, a thoroughly risk assessed transition plan whether it is a process that needs to be relocated in a new geography, or launching a transformation project or a technology plan that impacts an organization.

Fortunately, our team has a combined experience in over 500+ large transition and change management projects and therefore the ability to bring process, resources and our transition toolkit that has helped us deliver successfully. We can apply these rules of success to any size of your transition project, own it and deliver as per your business requirements.


Generative AI has the potential to change the anatomy of workflow across the customer service function, thereby augmenting customer experience and productivity of customer service agents by automating some of their activities.

At InGROUP Consulting, we are passionate about helping businesses transform their customer experience by leveraging GenAI capabilities. We have developed our proprietary framework called IDEA – Imagine, Develop, Enrich and Accelerate – to help organizations in their journey to explore and adopt Generative AI.

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